Conference Idea
Conference Idea

Amidst the severe humanitarian crisis in northern Syria, accompanied by significant economic and social challenges, and against the backdrop of a noticeable widening of humanitarian needs globally, coupled with a significant shortfall in support for northern Syria, there is an urgent need for economic and social empowerment to strive towards achieving sustainable development. A select group of leading humanitarian organizations are convening to organize an important conference aimed at initiating an active dialogue and fostering positive interaction to contribute to improving living conditions, as well as the economic and social future of the region's population. The focus will be on economic empowerment, bringing about positive and sustainable changes in the daily lives of Syrians residing in these areas, and proposing appropriate solutions to achieve comprehensive empowerment that meets their needs..

Given that economic and social empowerment is the cornerstone of development, participating associations will discuss the practical steps required to achieve the desired improvements in the Syrian situation and present a set of ideas and insights based on sustainable economic development principles, aiming to economically empower northern Syria and achieve stability and sustainability..

The conference will provide ample opportunities for dialogue and interaction among participants, with the aim of building a shared vision based on cooperation and collaboration, and providing effective and sustainable solutions to current challenges, while encouraging Arab and international organizations to achieve fundamental improvements in the Syrian situation..

Conference Objectives
Shedding light on new patterns of humanitarian intervention in northern Syria.
Exploring opportunities for social and economic empowerment of the population in northern Syria and transitioning towards stability by presenting a range of ideas, projects, and initiatives that promote sustainability and empower local communities and organizations.
Building a common vision for the coming phase and proposing solutions to achieve significant improvements in the Syrian situation economically and socially.
Main Conference Themes

First Theme:

Inspiring Stories: Success Stories from Countries that Overcame the Challenges of Wars and Crises.
This theme highlights inspiring economic success stories from countries such as Rwanda, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia, which have managed to transform post-war challenges, severe poverty conditions for decades into developmental opportunities through economic and social empowerment, leading to recovery and stability. By hosting prominent guests and experts in this field, their rich experiences and innovative strategies pursued by these countries to enhance economic recovery and build solid foundations for a better future will be presented. This theme will provide a unique opportunity for participants to gain valuable insights and knowledge on how to apply these lessons in the Syrian context.

Second Theme:

Promoting Economic Recovery: Perspectives of International and Arab Organizations towards Stability and Sustainability in Conflict-Affected Areas
This theme focuses on the pivotal role of united nations and international organizations in promoting development in conflict-affected areas. It discusses the contribution of international organizations in stimulating the private sector and local non-governmental organizations to participate in building a sustainable economy that meets the needs of communities, emphasizing the importance of avoiding excessive reliance on consumerist economies for sustainability and continuity.

Third Theme:

Partnership Towards Renaissance: Contributions and Perspectives of Sponsoring Entities in the Path of Economic Empowerment and Sustainability
In this theme, we delve into the pivotal role played by the sponsoring entities of the conference, exploring their insightful vision to support development projects and economic empowerment in northwest Syria. We will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of these leading organizations in implementing impactful development programs that have yielded tangible results on the ground. We will highlight the contributions of these entities in building local capacities, enhancing economic stability, and supporting the spirit of initiative and innovation in facing various challenges. These entities provide a model of cooperation and integration, striving to achieve stability and sustainability of services.

Fourth Theme:

The Strategic Importance of the International Community and Neighboring Countries in Supporting Economic Recovery and Empowerment in Northern Syria.
This theme highlights the pivotal role of Turkey and the international community in facilitating and supporting efforts for economic recovery and empowerment in northern Syria. We will seek to explore the prospects of regional and international contribution to development through various initiatives including investment, infrastructure development, and provision of technical and financial support. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of bilateral and multilateral partnerships to ensure the engagement of all parties in an integrated support system that contributes to laying the foundations for economic and social stability. This theme aims to provide a comprehensive vision of how neighboring countries and the international community collaborate with local communities in northern Syria to achieve sustainability goals and create an attractive environment that helps enhance stability.

Fifth Theme:

Enhancing Investment Opportunities and the Role of Partners in Overcoming the Economic Crisis and the Effects of the Earthquake.
This theme sheds light on the immense growth potential of the northwest Syria region, where approximately 3 million people reside, predominantly young individuals aged between 18 and 38 years old. The aim is to empower these young demographics and grant them the ability to exercise their right to self-reliance by harnessing their capabilities through collective and individual initiatives, lifting them out of poverty and the need for humanitarian aid, to become a society rich in freedom of choice and human dignity. Efforts will focus on building an effective partnership between investment and human capacities in various forms, including agriculture, industry, and services, through cooperative, solidarity-based, and innovative partnerships, seeking to reintegrate the community of the region and transform it into an effective force possessing the factors of sustainability and development. This theme seeks to stimulate discussion and dialogue on mechanisms for this transformation from reliance on aid to self-reliance, and mechanisms for building partnerships within the framework of the local community and displaced persons, considering the private sector as part of this community. Partnerships also include Syrian and Arab investors, international organizations to combine efforts and multiple forms of cooperation and solidarity to achieve this transition, which positively impacts all partners. The theme also highlights some models of partnerships, cooperation, and community solidarity to achieve mutual benefits.

Sixth Theme:

Foundations of Development: The Role of Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Governance in the Education and Health Sectors in Economic Recovery.
Current events, including natural, security, and pandemic crises, highlight the urgent need for effective health response, as well as the importance of enhancing and updating the primary infrastructure in the education and health sectors. Through this, the affected communities in Syria become capable of achieving a wide range of economic, social, and environmental benefits, contributing to sustainable long-term growth. This theme discusses the close relationship between the rehabilitation of educational and health infrastructure as fundamental pillars for achieving economic development. By focusing on infrastructure rehabilitation, building robust and accessible educational systems, and providing comprehensive healthcare, communities become capable of laying the foundations for comprehensive economic growth.