Specialized Workshops:

The First Workshop:

Microfinance, investment funds, and solidarity financing as tools for economic empowerment
In this event, we explore the role of microfinance as a key driver of economic empowerment and innovation in local communities through interactive sessions and in-depth discussions. The workshop will discuss how microfinance can provide economic opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, support entrepreneurs, women, and youth in achieving financial independence, and contribute to local development. Experts and practitioners in the field will share their successful experiences and best practices applicable in various contexts, emphasizing the power of this type of financing in building sustainable economies. Additionally, we will briefly address other forms of financing such as cooperative financing and investment funds.
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The Second Workshop:

Financial Value Chains: Integrating Banking, Telecommunications, and Logistics in a Sustainable Economic Environment
This event aims to highlight the importance of integration between the telecommunications sector, banking transactions, logistics infrastructure, as well as legal aspects as fundamental pillars to support and enhance the local economy. This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to explore how these elements can collaborate to create a sustainable and flexible business environment that supports growth and innovation. We will also discuss the challenges and opportunities related to establishing integrated financial institutions, enhancing banking networks, and developing telecommunications, logistics, and legal infrastructure to support businesses and startups. Experts in the field will provide their insights and best practices for building an integrated ecosystem that contributes to economic growth and sustainable development.
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The third workshop:

Renewing Healthcare Systems: Innovative Financing for Healthcare
This event will delve into exploring innovative solutions for financing the healthcare sector, aiming to enhance access to healthcare services and ensure their sustainability. By engaging expertise and insights from healthcare professionals and innovators, the spotlight will be on promising new financing models that support healthcare systems and improve healthcare outcomes for communities in northwest Syria. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use technology and financial innovations to create effective financing systems that address current and future health challenges. We will also discuss the role that partners from the private, public, and civil sectors can play in enhancing healthcare financing, with a focus on providing sustainable and accessible solutions to improve public health and well-being.
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The Fourth Workshop:

The Importance of the Agricultural Sector in Achieving Food Security and Economic Development
This event focuses on the role of the agricultural sector in providing essential food supplies to communities in Syria, as well as its role in securing employment opportunities and supporting the economy in Syria. Through interactive sessions and constructive discussions, we will explore the relationship between sustainable agricultural practices, natural resource management, and innovation in the food industry to achieve food security. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how new technologies and innovative business models in the agricultural sector can contribute to enhancing agricultural productivity, reducing losses and waste in food supply chains, and ensuring the provision of healthy and nutritious food for all. Experts in sustainable agriculture, food security, and food technology will share their insights and practical experiences, providing inspiration for initiatives that promote economic development and achieve future food security.
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Business Meetings

Aligned with the conference's objectives aiming to present current empowerment needs and offer solutions for achieving economic empowerment, the conference will bring together various local, Arab, and international organizations, economic entities, and businessmen. It will provide a platform for dialogues and side meetings among attendees, fostering the exchange of ideas and potential partnerships. This will serve economic empowerment and development in northern Syria.

Empowerment Pioneers Exhibition

Alongside the conference, an exhibition will be held featuring pavilions for sponsoring entities and others for those interested in participating. The exhibition provides participating entities with the following opportunities: