Prof. Abdul Bari Khan

Founding President of Indus Hospital & Health Network


Former Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr: Abdul Hakim Hussein Al-Masry

Minister of Finance and Economy - SIG

Saad Marzok Al-Otaibi

Chairman of the Federation of Kuwaiti Charitable Societies and Organizations

Dr. Monzer Kahf

Doctor of Economics - İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

Dr Hany ElBanna

Founder of the International Islamic Relief Organization

Dr. Mazen​ ​Kewara

Middle East RD- SAMS

Raed Al Saleh

Director of the Syrian Civil Defense Foundation (White Helmets)

Abdullah Sibai

Director of the White Hands Association

Samir Seifan

Manager of the Harmon Center for Contemporary Studies


General Director - Ataa Humanitarian Relief Association

Ghassan Hitto

CEO of the Syrian Forum

Mohamed Ramadan

Head of development programs- IICO

Mhd Ammar Bani Almarjeh

CEO - Mercy Without Limits

محمد بدوي

رئيس مجلس الإدارة - منظمة الرحمة


Academic and Economic Consultant

Dr. Anas Alkaddour

Senior Food Security and Livelihoods Technical Advisor

David Carden

Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator - UN

Munaff Koman

Economic researcher - Omran Center for Strategic Studies

Eng. Omar Abdulaziz Hallaj

Co-Founder of the development consulting firm Logarit

Ahmad Alzeer

Institutional leadership and digital transformation consultant - CEO of Digi Steps Company

Dr. Zuhair Al-karrat

Director of Idlib Health

Dr. Bachir Tajaldin

Country Director of the Syrian American Medical Society Foundation


Syria Program Manager - SAMS

Hussam Hlaak

Deputy Director General of Support Operations - White Helmets

Mehmet Sıddık Yıldırım

Turkish researcher interested in Arab affairs

Yahya Sayed omar

Head of the Trends Center for Economic Studies

Reem Enderun

Technical Manager - SAMS

Dr. Ahmed Ekzayez

Program Manager - White Helmets

Farouq Alhabib

Deputy Director General - White Helmets

Dr. Mustafa KADAD

Advisor to the President of Mardin Artuklu University for International Relations

Nawwaf Atawneh

Economic Empowerment Expert

DR. Jalal Eddin Khanji

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Aleppo in the Liberated Areas

Khaled N.DIAB

Consultant in the field of humanitarian and development work

Mouhamad Hassno

Executive Director of the ACU Support Coordination Unit

Mohamad Ayman Hamvıeh

Founder of Syria Makarna Company

Dr. Basem Hatahet

Director of the European Institute for Political Initiatives and Strategic Analysis

Dr. Muhammad Zahid Al-Masry

CEO of Physicians Across Continents

Swar Dahab

Producer and presenter of the Imran program

Dr. Aref Razouk

CEO of Shafak Organization

Lokman Saraçoğlu

Manager of Ziraat Katılım Bank - Kayaşehir Branch - Istanbul

Dr. Edward Gonzalez

Supervisory Democracy and Governance Officer - USAID

الإعلامي همام سعدة

مقدم الفعالية الافتتاحية

Alaa Hashem

interlocutor at the conference

Yavuz Yiğit

interlocutor at the conference

Safwan Alhaiek

Program Coordinator - Ataa Association

Nour H. Murad

Director of Public Relations - Syria TV

Mohammad Almohammad Albaha

Executive Director of Hayat Microfinance Fund


Agricultural Expert

Manuela Oettinger

Head of Project - GIZ


Head of 4us Consulting Group

DR. Sinan Hatahet

Deputy Director of the Syrian Forum


President of the Federation of Commerce Chambers in Northern Syria

DR. Nabil Marzouk

Economic researcher - Harmon Center for Contemporary Studies

David Savard

Senior Program Coordinator - IOM